Noa designed and developed a new website for Elliëtte Kreek. But first created a re-branding before the website could be designed and build.

Elliëtte Kreek

Elliëtte Kreek is a specialist coach for parent and child. From her belief that everything is connected, she proceeds. Body and mind, parent and child. It belongs together and it forms one whole. Therefore, her approach as a coach is holistic. In her work this means that with parenting questions she always looks at who you are as a person, as a parent and as a child of. Because almost everything that happens with your child has (subconsciously) something to do with you as a parent.


a re-branding, plus a matching
website who are and radiate Elliëtte


  • rebranding,
  • logo,
  • UI design,
  • webdesign,
  • web development


The most important aspect of the rebranding was to create a new logo, a mascotte (sublogo) and a new colour scheme. To then use these elements to create a new website. A website that is informative in order to provide the audience with relevant information about Elliëtte services.


As Elliëtte is a coach, Noa found it important to radiate Elliëtte’s character. That is why a serene identity is created, with a poppy orange detail to have a playful element.



We wanted to create a website that is beautiful and simple to use as well as be responsive across al devices (desktop, tablet and mobile).



happy kids, happy parents
happy parents, happy kids