Noa did a redesign for the marketing website of Smart Content Creator. Using visuals and animations to explain their software.

Smart Content Creator

A software solution divised and created by an advertising agency. The complete solution to create affordable and professional marketing content.

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a fresh approach, which tells
the story behind the software


  • website design,
  • UI design,
  • visuals,
  • animations,
  • landingpage design


The first thing Noa started with was refreshing the brand’s identity. Secondly telling the software’s story through a new website. Knowing that a software is more than a bunch of code, it’s the people who use and rely on it. Noa designed a website that portrays the powerful software to tell the story of how the product actually works and how it can improve productivity to a business. Using visuals and animations to create a consistent brand story throughout all channels. Reflecting the business forward thinking and modern approach.



A user-friendly design should enable the audience to easily understand the software.



To provide the audience with relevant content, Noa designed and created visuals and animations to explain the software features. The visuals have been used all over the new website.